Vicious Roller Skate wheels

Lazer X Tech Vicious Road Skating Wheels

Roller Skate wheels in hyderabad
Roller Skates Road Wheels

VICIOUS 70 mm road wheels
Item Code: Vicous70mmQuadWheelSet
We offer another type of Quad Skate Wheels - 'Lazerxtech Vicious ' to our clientele. The features are:
Formula : Polyurethane , performance - speed skating all surfaces
Model : Vicious
Use :Indoor & Outdoor speed
Dimension : 70mm x 35mm
Hardness : 80 to 85 a

Vicious road skating wheels use on the road. This wheels are best for road practice. skaters can do best performance with this wheels on the road events.

 Before purchasing Roller Skate wheels search near by roller skating classes here.
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